From Ukraine to Portugal | Lapo Elkann rescues 150 people

From Ukraine to Portugal: Lapo Elkann rescues 150 people (On Tuesday 26 April 2022)
Lapo Elkann, who got married to Joana Lemos in October 2021, used the wedding gifts to show solidarity. The couple had asked the invited guests not to make gifts but donations to the Laps Foundation, and now with that money, a Boeing was rented and flew to Ukraine for putsre in except 150 people, 10 dogs and 5 cats. We recommend you …
Lapo Elkan vs Cardi B: “Sad to use stereotypes to present the Maneskins” Refugees landed in PortugalCountry in which Lapo Elkann he got married, and now I’m safe away from war. He himself tells it in a tweet: “For our wedding Joana and I asked our …Read on diredonna

twitterAlien Dear : What a wedding gift !! A fundraiser to finance the transport and shelter of 150 people from Ukraine to the Port… –

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