Amici 21, Michele Esposito dances on heels / The medley surprises (yhwv)

This is the performance of a medley that Michele performed on the notes of 3 cult pieces of international and Italian music, namely Sorry by Mardonna, L’essenziale by Marco Megoni and Cry me a river by Justin Timberlake.

Amici 21, Michele performs a girling choreo in the evening. On the eve of the sixth evening of Amici 21, Michele Esposito gains acclaim with the video of his performance on the notes of a medley performed on the fifth evening of the talent. (Il

Other sources also speak of it

Let’s get to know Michele Esposito, dancer of Amici 21 and flagship of Alessandra Celentano better. Although he entered the school on the run, he was immediately noticed by Alessandra Celentano, who decided to give him a desk. (TvDaily)

Let’s find out more about Michele Esposito, Amici 21’s ballet dancer: do you know where he studied? Michele entered the school to improve himself and to have a greater opportunity, but do you know where he studied before entering and what he did? (

At 9 I wanted to be a footballer, but I never managed to leave dance. Michele in the running for the final. After Carola’s elimination, Michele is the only dancer on Alessandra Celentano and Rudy Zerbi’s team. (

Friends, “It wasn’t easy”: the sad confession concerning his parents

To try to understand him and get to know him better, Maria De Filippi took care of herself who, yesterday, connected to the house to meet him and Nunzio Stancampiano Michele Esposito tells her friends. (

And, in particular, of his mother, who has always been close to him, and his sister Amici’s young and beloved talent let himself go to a sad confession about his parents: what he revealed. (

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