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Netflix’s financial reports forced analysts and personalities from the Tech industry to give their opinion on the drop in subscribers of the streaming platform.

Among so many comments, the most striking is that of the South African tycoon, Elon Musk, who explained that Netflix’s financial fall is due to the “woke virus”.

If you don’t know the term, continue reading to find its definition and the reasons why Musk considers this phenomenon to be to blame for the Netflix crisis.

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What is “Woke Virus”?

The term Woke derives from the term “Wake Up” which means to wake up, but in the network, this American slang consists of defining those people who are aware and actively attentive to important facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice).

In the case of Netflix, it has often been criticized by certain sectors of the United States who accuse it of trying to represent unconventional or unorthodox topics such as gender roles, feminism, LGBTQIA issues, religious extremism and much more in its TV series and movies. “forced” way

Conservative critics in the United States have claimed that Netflix supports inflammatory and “pro-left” content that promotes issues considered controversial by the far right.

For his part, Musk has said on previous occasions that the “woke” culture was the greatest threat to civilization. He has spoken out several times against the importance given to political correctness which, according to him, has led to a harmful “cancel culture”.

Like many things on the Internet, the “woke virus” is a creation of the CEO of Tesla, through Twitter to refer to the Netflix crisis as a consequence of the content of the series and movies on its platform.

Musk’s tweet has led to a social media firestorm on Twitter with many speculating that the critical tweet is an indication of some bigger plan in the future by the mogul with the streaming platform.

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