Rihanna pregnant and restless because of her partner ASAP Rocky

The rumors of his alleged betrayals that have made the rounds of the web, then the arrest for a shooting in 2021. The rapper was released on bail (of 550 thousand dollars) but will have to appear in court. A decidedly uneventful pregnancy ending for the singer

Rihanna pregnant and tormented: there is no peace for the Barbadian pop star. She did not have time to deny the rumors about the breakup of her relationship with Asap Rocky for the alleged betrayals of him, that the rapper was arrested due to a shooting in which he was involved in 2021. All, to a only one month after birthphoto | video

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THE RUMORS – After having shown herself happy hand in hand with her partner and big belly in sight on social media and in various red carpets, in the last few days, when there is now just a month to give birth, Rihanna has had to face big headaches. The first of her is about her relationship with Asap Rocky. On social media, in fact, the influencer Louis Via Roma, nickname of Louis Pisano, had written about a break in their relationship: “Rihanna and Asap Rocky broke up. She broke up with him after catching him with shoe designer Amina Muaddi ”. Open up heaven. The gossip soon went viral, making headlines around the world.

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THE DISMISSAL – The denial had come directly from the stylist Amina, who had spoken of a “vile and cruel lie”. And a source close to the couple had confirmed to the TMZ website that it was “100% false”. So much so that at that point even the influencer had backtracked, apologizing for having given credit to an obviously incorrect voice. But the worst, for the pop star, was yet to come.

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THE STOP – Precisely because of the tensions created with the story, the couple has in fact left for a holiday in Barbados. But when she returned by private jet, she found the police waiting for her in Los Angeles, who took Asap Rocky away in handcuffs. According to American media reports, the rapper was involved in a shooting in November 2021, in which he exploded three or four shots. Immediate, on social media, the messages of solidarity to the singer, who was suddenly alone a few weeks after her birth. Asap Rocky was later released after an interrogation that lasted over three hours and a $ 550,000 bail was paid. The Los Angeles Prosecutor’s Office will decide whether or not to ask for his indictment or not, but on August 17 he will still have to appear in court. A decidedly uneventful pregnancy ending for the pop star.

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