World book day: the book stylists arrive. Who are they and what do they do?

On World Book Day we want to ask a provocative question: can literary culture be equated with any other status symbol?

The worry of the week, in the Anglo-Saxon publishing world, is the following: “what is a book stylist? “. Dark question, for most. Who can answer, probably, is because she read the article published on April 18 on The New York Times where it tells of this new but already mythological professional figure, supposedly identified in Karah Preissco-founder of the book club Belletrist who collaborates with the brand Valentino to the campaign “The Narratives“, Now in its second chapter and once again created with the words of some famous writers including Michel Cunningham, Andrew Sean Greer and Emily Ratajkowski.

From the Etro F / W 2022-23 men’s show


Basically, a book stylist helps models and celebrities in the smell of paparazzi to choose and hold in their hand (or in their purse, but making sure that it is visible) the right book, the one that is being talked about or should be talked about, then suitable for the particular historical moment, to add depth and culture to one’s image. There are also several examples: there is Gigi Hadid coming out of a Milan Fashion Week show, in 2019, holding a copy of the “Straniero” by Albert Camus instead of the clutch; there is Kendall Jenner in a bikini on a yacht, photographed reading “Tonight I’m Another” by Chelsea Hodson (published in Italy by Pidgin). Parades such as the men’s show of Etro, which for F / W 2022-23 “accessorised” the models on the catwalk with books from the Adelphi editions (and an Adelphi book was also an invitation to the fashion show). But we also talk about the very popular book clubs of some celebrities and top models, such as Reese Whiterspoon, Kaia Gerber or Emma Roberts – the latter, together with Karah Preiss, founded Belletrist and does not fail to promote the best upcoming books on a weekly basis.

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