F1 2022 live: Sprint Race GP Emilia Romagna: Summary, result and points of the Formula 1 car race; all set for the Grand Prix

Thank you very much for following the Formula 1 Sprint Race. The Mexican, Sergio ‘Checo’ Prez finished third and Verstappen finished as leader. In an important moral victory for Red Bull ahead of the Emilia Romagna GP.

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Max Verstappen wins the sprint race at Imola

END | “It was very important to rebuild the classification. Today we were able to recover to have a good position for tomorrow”; declared Checo Prez at the end of the Sprint Race.

21/21 | Sprint Racing | IT’S OVER! Max Verstappen beats Leclerc in dramatic fashion and Checo finishes third.

20/21 | Sprint Racing | AWESOME! Verstappen takes the lead from Leclerc and now fights to finish first.

19/21 | Sprint Racing | Power to power struggle where Leclerc imposes his defense to prevent Verstappen from waking him up early.

17/21 | Sprint Racing | The fastest lap record belongs to Prez and Verstappen is already on top of Leclerc.

15/21 | Sprint Racing | The Spaniard from Ferrari already surpasses Ricciardo and is fifth. Look for Norris with seven laps to go.

13/21 | Sprint Racing | While Leclerc sets the lap record, Sainz is already sixth. Verstappen is suffering in the battle against Ferrari.

11/21 | Sprint Racing | PREZ! The pace of the Mexican puts him up to third place after beating Lando. For now 2-3 for Red Bull.

10/21 | Sprint Racing | Leclerc takes Verstappen by just over 1.3 who is fighting for the lead. Checo puts pressure on Norris.

08/21 | Sprint Racing | CZECH! Huge maneuver by the Mexican to take advantage of the DRS and win the position from Magnussen on the right. The Mexican is already fourth.

07/21 | Sprint Racing | SAINZ! Climbing positions of the Spaniard and is already seventh after beating Fernando Alonso.

06/21 | Sprint Racing | Earlier there was a warning for Magnussen after a series of moves to defend against Checo Prez.

Green flag and relaunch the race!

04/21 | Sprint Racing | Last lap with safety car. They already took the car out of Alpha Tauri.

03/21 | Sprint Racing | Hamilton is in 15th place after a difficult start. Zhou’s car is very damaged and his presence at the Emilia Romagna GP is in doubt.

Safety Car Accident Zhou

01/21 | Sprint Racing | The Alfa Romeo driver had a collision with Gasly and Zhou went to the barrier. The Alpha Tauri one ends with damage to the car. There is a safety car. Czech Prez is fifth.

Green flag in Imola!

01/21 | Sprint Racing | Vibrant start where Leclerc steals the lead from Verstappen and Checo wakes up to climb positions.

The sprint race starts in Imola

00/21 | Sprint Racing | The cars start with the formation lap. Alonso had problems starting.

Everything ready in Imola for the start of the Sprint Race

PREVIOUS | 17 of the drivers today run with the red tire, including Checo Prez. The rest goes with yellow.

Fernando Alonso wants to give the unexpected blow in the GP Emilia Romagna

9:25 a.m. | The Asturian is more than psyched up to go hunting from the start. The Alpine driver is sitting fifth on the grid, so he has high hopes of finishing in the top three.

How many points does the sprint race give in Formula 1?

9:20 a.m. | Only from one to eight will be the competitors who manage to add units today. The first place generates eight points and so on, descending.

Schumacher prepares to go out to the competition

9:15 a.m. | Haas driver Mick Schumacher gets ready to hit the track. He wants to reverse the bad Friday he sold, where he was left out of Q2 due to the complications he faced on track.

The public waits for the start of the Sprint Race in Imola

9:10 a.m. | This time without umbrellas and with precautions for the rain, the public has packed the stands to observe the activity Saturday in Formula 1.

What will be the starting grid order in Sprint Race?

9:00 a.m. | So they will start this Saturday at the Imola circuit for the sprint race. Be careful how the exit will take place with the pressure of Lando Norris and Leclerc. The strategy will still be interesting, since no one is forced to go through the pits.

How many laps will there be in the Sprint Race of the GP Emilia Romagna?

08:50 a.m. | The first sprint race this year will consist of 21 laps, enough to add up to 100 kilometers. The duration of the competition will be up to half an hour.

The weather in Imola promises a race full of emotions

08:45 a.m. | The afternoon is sunny in Bologna and there is no threat of rain. In the McLaren team they are happy with how the sprint race looks, which will surely be full of emotions.

08:35 a.m. | Checo Prez is one of those who left the best sensations, with the second fastest time with the soft and the fourth with the medium. He goes well with any tire, he has adapted better than Verstappen to the RB18 and he can shine with his own light throughout the weekend. Max, from pole position, is together with Charles Leclerc the big favourite, of course, for victory in both races.

Hello, hello and welcome to the direct of the Formula 1 Sprint Race at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. For the first time in the season, this race is held to determine the order of the grill for Sunday.

After the second practices, everything is set so that the sprint race takes place in the established kilometers. Max Verstappen is on pole position and it will be interesting to see a new duel with Charles Leclerc.

After releasing a bit of pressure, the Mercedes are ready to look for an upset and are confident that the conditions will not be complicated. In addition, Checo Prez will start seventh, but Red Bull is confident that everything will improve.

Let us remember that eight points will be given to the winner of the competition, so the Red Bulls know that harvesting units on the top rungs is important in Imola. Do not miss all the actions by MARCA Claro.

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