Gerard Piqué asked Ramos to support Rubiales against Aganzo, according to El Confidencial

Gerard Pique maintains his central position in the last great controversy in Spanish football and in which the main figures of the federation would be involved

The player of Barcelona Gerard Pique raised to Sergio Ramoswhen he was captain of the real Madridsupport the president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Louis Rubiales, and remove from the presidency of the Association of Spanish Soccer Players (AFE), David Aganzoaccording to an audio revealed by The confidential.

In the conversation, which was forwarded by Gerard Piqué to Rubiales with a request for confidentiality, the ex-Madrid player replies that it is an issue that they should not go into and it is those involved who have to resolve it and he is heard talking about the good relationship that Rubiales and Aganzo had before and that it was no longer such .

“I know the relationship that Rubi and Aganzo have had and they were close brothers, come on, but everywhere together and so on. And what happens? That when Rubi presented himself for the presidency of the Federation, well, the other (Aganzo) put in the AFE. What happens? That each one, in the end, when he sees himself with a position, in a good position, and with power, well, he wants to command in his own way. What happens? That Rubi had three or four there in the AFE that they told him everything, even when Aganzo was president. Then he took them and kicked them out. From there the war began and now he wants to kill him, because Rubi wants to rule in the Federation and in the AFE, “says Ramos .

The Sevillian center-back maintained in his message that “it is a very sensitive issue” and that he also previously had a “relationship that was correct and professional for belonging to the union and defending the interests of the players” with Aganzo.

“But I don’t have anything with him either and after the ugly thing he did to me I have put a cross on him. I think this is not our issue, it is an issue… Are we asking for the resignation of an AFE president who is really the one who Is it Rubiales moving it? I don’t know, I think that here is a topic of theirs so that they can solve it among themselves, “he adds in an audio from May 2020.

Rubiales’ response to the message from Gerard Piquéwith whom he spoke to get Aganzo’s support and be able to fit the dispute over the Spain Supercup in January to play it in Saudi Arabia, was that perhaps it was not the time to address the then Real Madrid player.

“You don’t need to send me anything because it wasn’t the time to talk to Sergio in my opinion. This letter isn’t for today, it’s for a couple of days. Don’t do anything, we’ll talk later. A hug!”, he replied Rubiales.

David Aganzowho became president of AFE in November 2017 when Luis Rubiales He left it to opt to preside over the RFEF, he was re-elected in April 2021.

Then he obtained 3,079 votes, compared to the 1,808 obtained by the alternative candidacy headed by Gaizka Toquero and of which people who made up the management team of Rubiales, who chaired AFE from 2010 to 2017, were part.

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