Eight teams reach the 2022 Draft without a first-round pick, an NFL record

The league has manifested a recent trend of preferring expensive proven veterans, particularly quarterbacks, over uncertainty with low-cost rookies.

The reigning champions of Super Bowl, Los Angeles Ramsthey should have plenty of company, as observers of the first round of the 2022 NFL DraftThe next week.

To the franchise that hasn’t executed a first-round pick since they took Jared Goff first overall in 2016 and doesn’t have another first-round pick until 2024, will be joined by seven other teams —a record for the NFL— who have traded their picks in the first round, in what has become an upward trend in recent years.

Whether it is equipment emulating the model of the rams of paying uncertainty-filled picks for cost-controlled rookies, for more proven veterans with more lucrative contracts, or for others who followed the path of the Kansas City Chiefs Y buffalo billsUsing future first-round picks to move up the order and pick the franchise quarterback, teams are opting out of the first round at a furious pace.

It will be the third time in four years that at least seven teams have not picked in the first round, discounting any of those clubs getting back into the first round, something that has happened just twice in 52 years of the common draft era. .

The former general manager of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and analyst for SiriusXM, Mark Dominicsaid salary-cap increases, more player power, and GMs willing to take more risks have led to the change.

“I think that is the strange thing, because in fact the players have become more aggressive in their postures and the clubs are willing to continue with it,” he said. Dominic. “20 years ago, if you tried to cross [al ex gerente general de los Chiefs] Carl Peterson, you never played football again… That mentality has disappeared from the league. So they see more first-round picks transferred and traded, because the clubs are willing to do so.

“So having a known asset, especially since some of these guys are elite, is better than having a first-round pick that you hope is what he can do.”

No one has been more aggressive than the rams. General manager Les Snead paid two first-round picks for the chance to move up the pick order and take Goff in 2016, one more for the wide receiver Brandin Cooks in 2018, dropped out of 2019 first round to rack up more at-bats, paid two first-round picks to acquire cornerback All-Pro Jalen Ramseyand again two first-round picks by quarterback matthew stafford.

All of that led to a winning squad of superbowl Last season.

“The model is working,” he said. Snead. “It allows us to consistently fight the NFC West. We will try to use our selections in an innovative, creative way, and sometimes it will be choosing players in the draft, and sometimes it will be taking turns to go acquire players. [veteranos]”.

The aggressiveness of rams has spread to other teams, seeking to match the success it has enjoyed The Angels in recent years.

The head coach of the Broncos, Nathaniel Hackettsaid there’s never “too high a price on someone who’s great,” especially at quarterback. Denver has been dealing with a revolving door of mediocrity at the most important position in the game since Peyton Manning retired seven years ago, but now they have Russell Wilson.

“You can ask all these guys here. You need to have a quarterback to have a chance,” he said. hackett during the league’s most recent owners meeting last month. “Whatever it takes for a quarterback.”

Of the eight teams that have given up their first-round picks this year, the broncos were one of six who did so as payment for quarterbacks, along with the rams, cleveland browns (deshaun watson), San Francisco 49ers (Trey Lance), Indianapolis Colts (Carson Wentz) Y Chicago Bears (Justin Fields).

The other teams that did were las vegas raiders Y Miami Dolphinswho gave up their first-round shifts to become explosive receivers who can define the course of games and squeeze more out of their current passers, with the raiders getting to Dave Adams of the Green Bay Packersand the dolphins getting to Tyreek Hill from Kansas City.

After making 11 picks in the top 100 at-bats of the past two drafts to rebuild his roster, Miami he’s not now scheduled to pick until the 102nd overall pick, after reversing those picks to move up last year to pick wide receiver Jaylen Waddle and offensive tackle Liam Eichenbergand then the transfer by Hill.

“We have been building here for the last few years,” explained the general manager Chris Grier. “The opportunity to be aggressive and add a talented front-line player [Hill] at the position was something we felt was too good to pass up.

There are already five teams that have given up their first round selections of the Draft 2023with the rams Y 49ers paying those shifts since last year when they got their quarterbacks, the Browns paying three years of first-round picks for Watsonthe Seattle Seahawks giving up a second first-round pick for Wilsonand the New Orleans Saints paying for his 2023 first-round pick for an additional first-round pick in 2022.

The trend shows few signs of fading anytime soon.

“Any team that’s successful, you get curious and you want to know why and you look into it. ‘OK, they did this, and what opportunities did they take advantage of the most?'” New York JetsJoe Douglas. “So again, there are a lot of different ways to go about it, in terms of building a roster. It just depends on your core philosophy, at the end of the day.”

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