De Paul to GOAL: “Doubting Simeone is crazy, Messi is on another level”

After a black crisis with its peak in December with the four consecutive defeats in La Liga, theAtletico Madrid he got back in the running for the very highest areas of the standings: if the title now seems a deal limited to Real Madrid only, for the qualification in the Champions League it is all open and the fight with Barcelona, ​​Sevilla and Betis is very open.

In the top European competition, however, there was a difficult access to the quarter-finals, thanks to the blitz of Old Trafford signed by Renan Lodi: excellent performance also for Rodrigo De Paulfinally at ease in the mechanisms of the team coached by Diego Simeone. Interviewed by our microphones, the former Udinese said he was satisfied with the current moment.

“Atletico Madrid is a very big club, the passion of the many fans is the best thing. The truth is that I am very happy with these first months spent here.”

“When things go well, everyone’s virtues are exalted. When they go wrong, everything appears negative. Personally, I’ve always been clear about it. The team has clear ideas and I feel better, I have always known that it all depends on me. There were two possibilities: join or divide. The group has joined “.

The criticisms of the ‘Cholo’ are neither in heaven nor on earth according to De Paul.

Doubting Simeone is crazy. He is one of the best coaches in the world, he has very clear ideas. The responsibilities are everyone’s for both good and bad. Simeone is the leader of the team, the captain of the ship we are all on board. We strongly believe in what he says, also and above all for the way he transmits it “.

Argentina included in group C with Mexico, Poland and Saudi Arabia at the World Cup in Qatar.

“In a World Cup there are the best, the group is difficult. We will face three teams with three different styles, we will have to adapt continuously. There is a lot of emotion, after 2018 things went well with Scaloni: we won a Copa America, 31 games without defeat. The illusion is moderate, the contenders for the title will be 7-8, but we are hopeful, knowing that only one team will win “.

Those scheduled at the end of the year could be the last World Cup in Lionel Messi.

Messi does not have to prove anything else, he has already done what is necessary to be at the top. I don’t know the Parisian dynamics well, but I can tell what I see in the national team: he is happy there, we as a team follow him. He will certainly give us a lot of advice, it will be his fifth World Cup and experience in these cases counts a lot: we will see if he will also be the last, he will decide. He can really keep playing as long as he wants because he is on another level, his head works faster than any human being. We will all try to make him enjoy this World Cup and, if we get to the end, even better. “

No promises, for now, in case of Argentina’s triumph.

“I would do a lot of crazy things, but I prefer not to say them. We as players have to make people understand that winning a World Cup is not easy. There will be very strong teams. I would make a mistake if I started talking here about promises about what I will do if I become champion. Yes, we can’t wait, we will give everything to reach the goal, but we must be cautious, think one step at a time “.

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