This is the key vitamin you’re missing when your bones ache

An essential vitamin for health is vitamin Dwhose deficiency can cause a loss of bone density, triggering fractures and osteoporosis. That is why it is essential that the person is exposed to this type of nutrient, whose main source is the sun and ultraviolet rays. Consequently, it will be essential to expose yourself to the light of said star, taking the correct precautions so as not to suffer from skin cancer.

Although the truth is also that another way of acquiring vitamin D It is through a healthy diet that includes fatty fish such as salmon, cheese and egg yolk or also through the consumption of vitamin supplements. Whatever the form, it vitamin cannot be lacking in the body because, in addition to being essential to prevent osteoporosis, will play a fundamental role in the nervous and immune system. Consequently, it will be vital to avoid a deficit of the aforementioned vitamin.

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