Shawn Mendes breaks free in a letter

Shawn Mendes breaks free in a letter: “I want to tell the truth and show me who I really am” (On Wednesday 20 April 2022)
In recent days Shawn Mendes he is back to being very active on Twitter and has exchanged several tweets with his fans. Last night the singer of When You’re Gone (new single fits perfectly) released a letter in which he vented and confessed that he wanted to be as true and honest as possible, even at the cost of receiving criticism. Shawn he wants to show himself to the world for what he is really, not caring about people’s thoughts. There letter it closes with the artist admitting that he often feels like he is failing, despite all the success he has. “Sometimes I wonder what I should do with my life and what I feel is”to say there truth, be honest, ”but I feel it’s a hard thing to do. I’m afraid if people knew and …Read on biccy

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