Fortnite: how to get the Marauder skin, Spider-Man villain?

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The players of Fortnite They believe that Miles Morales is coming to Battle Royale for good reason: The Prowler, aka Marauder, has just arrived at the title with an attractive skin. While this hasn’t been confirmed, the villain is now available as part of the Battle Pass.

This means that Epic Games released some challenges for players to get their outfit and some cool accessories. Below, we present the challenges and their respective rewards for you to add to your collection.

This is what the Marauder skin looks like
This is what the Marauder skin looks like

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So you can get the Marauder content in Fortnite: Battle Royale

If you already have the Battle Pass, you will only have to complete 3 missions to obtain the Marauder skin. By completing each of them you will receive another additional reward, such as a pickaxe, a glider and a paper.

If you are a fan of Spider-Man and you do not want to miss any object, then you must complete the 7 available challenges. Please note that the challenges will be available until the end of Chapter 3 of Season 2.

The big reward for completing them all will be the Blade Rush emote, a menacing character move. Below you can learn about the 7 missions, their objectives and their respective rewards:

  • Deal 500 damage to opponents while crouching or dashing – Energy Claw Pickaxe
  • Search 7 chests before taking damage in a match – Air Marauder Glider
  • Land 3 headshots on opponents with a thermal weapon: Mark of the Marauder paper
  • Modify a vehicle and drive it 500 meters in one game: Marauder’s Grasp emote
  • Use a spray in El Clarín: Marauder’s Emblem spray
  • Pick up 3 different weapon types of Epic rarity or higher in one game: Marauder Banner
  • Collect 300 Bars: Lurking Loading Screen
Marauder Addons
Marauder Addons

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Fortnite is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PC and mobile. Find more information related to Battle Royale on this page.

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