Cristiano Ronaldo, Fedez and pain on social media (by A. Boralevi)

CR7, champion to whom the world bows, loses one of his twins, the baby, during the birth of his wife. Fedez, a star of music who declares himself to be light and above all of the network, discovers he is ill with a rare pancreatic tumor. Pain is the same.

However, the way the two react and interact with the network is profoundly different. CR7 writes immediately a post on all its social networks. A laconic and empathic message, declaring “the greatest pain a parent can feel”, greets the lost child and asks for privacy.

Fedez, on the other hand, keeps his millions of followers informed immediately, from the first symptoms, from the first visits, from the first fear. He shows everything: the hospital, the scar, the children who kiss him while he is in bed and who welcome him when he comes home. The famous wife Chiara Ferragni shows her participation in her husband’s pain via social media. Via social he declares eternal love and closeness, on social networks he posts photos of his kisses with their tiny children, makes videos of every moment, from returning home to celebrations. A long message shows two pimples appearing on her precious chin, “from stress”.

Giorgina Rodriguez and CR7 were present on social networks with the same intensity as the Ferragnez. But, after the pain grabs them, they disappear instead. I don’t think there is a “properly acted” pain, but pain is just that. To which everyone has the right to react as he wants, how he feels, how he is able.

So why am I interested in comparing the Ferragnez with CR7 and Giorgina? For the only reason that matters, that is the way in which the news helps us to reflect on ourselves. It would be easy to say that on the one hand there is pain that has become a “commodity”, marketing at any cost, and on the other, confidentiality and silence. But the thing is more complicated. The Net has two different characteristics.

The first: it devours anyone and especially those who think of using it as a master. It makes everything equal everything, just like anyone is worth 1, on the net. The second: whoever is an actor on the net suffers the consequences on his psyche. Having tens of millions of followers, although of course maybe there are algorithms that help you multiply them and teams of employees who manage them on your behalf, slowly and inexorably changes your perception of the world. Every moment of your experiences requires public videos and posts. Your life ceases to be yours and becomes the property of followers. Sure, you get an extraordinary economic advantage, but there is no doubt that the principle that every coin buys a product now applies to your life.

Your life has become a commodity. And who can accept being an object instead of a person? Thus the psyche puts its self-defense tools into action. As a mistress, the network becomes your partner. As a shopper, your followers become family to you.

And yet, it is a family that devours you, and from whose jaws you have no escape. Even if you consider yourself a master, in reality you are a servant. Unless you have the strength to choose silence.

Or not?

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