5 celebs couples in which one of the two partners has issued an ultimatum


In 2013, Chrissy revealed that John kept postponing the wedding date, and that she jokingly said at one point, “We keep postponing the date. If it’s not this year, I’ll get out! “. It seems that the singer took seriously his partner’s witty dig and a short time later, on “that branch of Lake Como”, in perfect Manzoni style, the two promised each other eternal love!

Only later, Chrissy revealed that her joke was purely ironic and she didn’t care so much about getting married, she just needed to be with him … now the games are done John!

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After two children, the two had a series of spiritual and super serious conversations about marriage: Camila was very determined to take this step, Matthew instead saw it as a sort of “social constraint”, something that had to be done because it had to be done!

After a visit to the pastor and conversations with married and divorced couples, it was finally an ultimatum from Camila that rocked Matthew: “Come on big boy, Mr. nightstand, Mr. we’ll get there when we get there… either get on the ship or let her go! “. The two set sail together and have been sailing as husband and wife since 2012, when they welcomed their third child!

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