Jesús Ramírez left Pumas for ‘a ball of stupid’

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While Pumas savors the passage to the Final of the Concachampions and the seventh place in the Clausura 2022 tournament, Jesus Ramirezwho was the sports president of the club until August 26, 2021, he was encouraged to break the silence to make known the reason for his departure of the club.

Without clarifying who he was referring to, the former manager said he was tired of “a bunch of stupid people who went to the stadium unbelieved”which attacked him for a management with ups and downs, but that served to remove bad practices and redirect the institution.

“The truth is that I already I was sick of so many things, of being attacked so unfairly; Besides, getting involved in my personal life, because I don’t allow that to anyone. Said: Am I to continue putting up with a bunch of stupid people who went to the stadium unbelieved?”, he explained to ESPN.

Ramírez added that he had even planned to leave a week earlier, although Andrés Lillini asked him to stay a while longer, words that did not manage to change his feelings, so decided to submit his resignation to Leopoldo Silva.

feel like a successful person

Said the results that the University harvests today are largely due to that management that he made and which today has him extremely pleased, because “it really is the same campus”.

In his opinion, it is shown that his bet was ideal, despite the circumstances with which he had to deal as were the budget limits in the club.

“Today I am so happy, but first thankful to Rodrigo Ares de Parga, who took me to the club. I am very calm with myself because the team works. He reached a final, he qualified again by leaving America out at that time. Today Pumas is in other instances, “he added.

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