Choose or Die: if you liked the Netflix thriller, here are 5 other movies for you to watch on the platform

Netflix’s horror thriller, Choose or Die, recently premiered on the platform and, if you already saw it and liked it, in this note we leave you five other horror or suspense movies that you can find on the streaming giant.

Choose or Die - Netflix

When looking for horror or suspense movies or series, Netflix has many options to offer. Lately, the giant of the streaming is releasing quite a bit of content from those genres, but few are getting the reaction they expect or good reviews. One of the last movies released on the platform was Choose or Die And, if you already saw it and liked it, in this note we leave you five other options for you to see.

Yes ok Choose or Die It had several negative reviews, the plot of the film draws a lot of attention and makes you want to give it a chance. After all, we are talking about an 80s horror video game that can alter what happens in reality.

It should be clarified that the five films that we are going to leave below are not the same as Choose or Die, but some have similarities, while others directly share gender. So without making it any longer, here we leave them:

-Escape Room: No exit

Of the five films on this list, Escape Room is the most similar to Choose or Diesince it includes a game that although at first it seems simple and harmless, later it ends up putting you between a rock and a hard place. “Six strangers use their wits to survive a series of deadly and mysterious rooms that harbor their worst nightmares. Will they make it or will they die trying?

While going to an escape room with friends is a plan now, in this 2019 horror movie it doesn’t seem like such a good idea. The six people who go to these deadly rooms have to solve a series of puzzles to win thousands of dollars, so far that sounds good. However, the participants later discover that each room is an elaborate trap that is part of a sadistic game of life and death.

-I see you

I see you is a 2019 thriller film starring detective GregHarper, who must deal with the disappearance of a 10-year-old boy, a case that seems to be related to another that occurred years before in the same town.

However, when cutlery begins to disappear at the detective’s house, photographs fall or objects change places, Harper discovers that an evil presence lurks in the cracks of his own dysfunctional home.


This thriller premiered in 2020 and stars Sarah Paulson Y Kiera Allenthe first wheelchair actress to star in a thriller since 1948. The synopsis of Run says: “After years of isolation, a young woman in a wheelchair begins to suspect that her mother harbors dark secrets that prevent her from achieving her long-awaited freedom.”

Diana raised her daughter in complete isolation, controlling her every move, but Chloé Soon she will begin to discover the dark secrets that her mother keeps and she will realize that what at first seemed like “maternal” love and care, will end up being a threat.

-The appearance of things

the appearance of things is a 2021 movie based on the book All Things Cease to Appear from Elizabeth Brundage. The synopsis of this installment, starring amanda seyfriedHe says: “After leaving Manhattan in search of a simpler life, a young artist discovers that both her husband and their new home hold sinister secrets.”

katherine Y george They decide to leave their life in Manhattan to move to a village located in the Hudson Valley, together with their daughter. franny. However, when a series of phenomena begin to happen that disturb their tranquility in the new home, katherine begins to investigate the past of the house and who lived there. Little by little, the protagonists will realize that these strange events are related to their marriage.


This 2021 thriller stars Jenn, a woman who feels that her personal and professional life is on hold. For this, “goes to a mysterious hypnotherapist, but ends up trapped in a mind game with fatal consequences.

The decision of Jenn To consult with this hypnotherapist in a moment of vulnerability will lead her to live an even more traumatic experience, since she will be involved in a dangerous psychological game. Everything indicates that this man not only has no intention of helping her, but that he represents a real threat.

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