RFEF agreed with Piqué for a millionaire commission to play the Super Cup in Arabia

The Spanish media El Confidencial published audios in which the player and the president of the federation Luis Rubiales allegedly negotiate to take the game to Saudi Arabia

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) agreed with the company Cosmosfrom which the player of the Barcelona, Gerard Piqué is co-owner and CEO, a millionaire commission for the transfer of the Spain Supercup to Saudi Arabia, as reported on Monday The confidential.

The newspaper published audios of the conversations held between the president of the RFEF, Luis Rubialesand the Barça player and documents on the contract signed for six years with the Saudi public company, Sela, which assured the RFEF the amount of 40 million euros for each edition and 4 for Cosmos.

The information indicates that Rubiales Y Pique began in March 2019 the search for a stadium for the dispute of the Super Cupbefore the president of the RFEF asked Real Madrid the possibility of it being at their stadium, although the idea was that it would be played at the Cam Nou.

“As Madrid is going to tell me no, that comes from p[…] m[…] to justify ourselves for the future and we say that it is the stadium with the largest capacity [el Camp Nou]which is the league champion [el Barcelona]… I think we have legitimacy”, is heard in one of the audios.

In another of them, the Barça player addresses the president of the RFEF in these terms: “Let’s see, Rubyif it is a matter of money, if they [el Real Madrid] for 8 [millones] they would go, hell, uncle, you pay eight to Madrid and eight to Barca… the others are paid 2 and 1… it’s 19, and the Federation keeps six kilos, uncle. Before you keep nothing, you keep six kilos. And we put pressure on Saudi Arabia and maybe we’ll get him out… we tell him that, if not, Madrid won’t go… and we’ll get one more stick or two more sticks…”.

Also in another recording of September 15, 2019, the president of the RFEF congratulate Piquefor the closing of the agreement so that the Super Cup be played in Arabia from January 2020.

Gery, Congratulations. And I’m not referring to yesterday’s great game or your goal. I mean that it is already after 12 o’clock and therefore the agreement with Saudi Arabia is firm. A hug, thanks for everything and here I am for whatever you need”, he affirms Rubiales

Last day 14 the RFEF denounced having suffered a computer attack in the framework of an “organized criminal action and aimed at the subsequent revelation of secrets through the distribution of confidential documentation with a clear spurious intention” and in which they would have stolen documents, conversations and private audios of its president and its general secretary.

Then he announced that “through his department of Integrity and Security, he will report to the National Police the theft of information from his email accounts, as well as private text and audio conversations of executives of the federal entity.”

The body, which today maintained that these publications are part of a campaign of harassment and that the agreements on the Super Cup were approved by his Assembly, he pointed out days ago that “everything seems to indicate that information has been illegally stolen from the private terminals of the president and the general secretary”.

He also considered it probable that this private information “illegally obtained and with clear criminal purposes” had been offered to different media outlets.

“This conclusion has been reached after being a journalist who has advanced the RFEF the next publication of this illegally stolen material that the outlet has received, according to the journalist, through an anonymous informer who has contacted with an encrypted voice and has made it available through a mobile application,” the statement said.

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