He has to leave Chivas, who prevents Almeyda’s return to the Flock is filtered

In Chivas they prevent the return of Matías Almeyda
In Chivas they prevent the return of Matías Almeyda

After the virtual departure of Matías Almeyda from the San José Earthquakes team, the Chivas fans are excited about the return of the pastor who gave the last title to the rojiblanco team, however, Amaury Vergara would oppose the return of the Argentine.

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According to the journalist Luis Castillo, there are some inconveniences between Almeida and Vergara himself that would make it impossible on his return for Almeida on ESPN to indicate that he has no conflict with Vergara, it was uncovered that the coach would have contacts with a possible buyer of the team.

This would have caused discomfort in the Vergara family, back to Matías Almeyda when they found out about the situation. Now, with the media pressure, it seems almost a fact that Almeida returned to the Flock.

Almeyda ask for Peláez’s departure in Chivas?

Almeyda in his last stage as coach of Chivas fulfilled the role of coach and sports director of the rojiblanco team, now with the presence of Ricardo Peláez, Almeyda will not have the same freedom as in his previous process, so the first person gives me results that would leave Chivas at the request of the Argentine DT would be that of Ricardo Peláez.

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