Goodbye Vergara, the millionaire who would buy Chivas and his first signing is Almeyda

The millionaire who would sign Matías Almeyda if Vergara sells the team
The millionaire who would sign Matías Almeyda if Vergara sells the team

Chivas is falling apart and beyond the departure of Marcelo Michel Leaño and the triumph at the Azteca Stadium, the underlying problems are still uncertain in the Sacred Flock.

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According to the journalist Luis Castillo, several businessmen are interested in buying Chivas and are looking for Matías Almeyda as the coach of the new project for the rojiblancos, however, Amaury Vergara continues to refuse to sell the team.

Ricardo Salinas, owner of Banco Azteca, would be behind the renewal of Chivas and would have made an offer for Amaury Vergara and sell the team, however, the owner of Chivas refuses and does not want to face the reality of the Flock.

What changes would Chivas have if Salinas owned it?

Among the proposals that Ricardo Salinas Pliego would have would be the arrival of Matías Almeyda as coach of the rojiblanco team, in addition the arrival of new reinforcements would be expected to improve the Chivas squad.

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