Marvel would give you these prizes in Fortnite if you buy these comics

It has long been known that Marvel Y Fortnite they will have a new crossover. However, details about it have not been shared. But thanks to what was revealed by an informant, we now know a little more than we can expect.

Marvel will give you prizes in Fortnite if you buy these comics

To recapitulate a bit, last February the collaboration was announced Fortnite X Marvel Zero War, whose premiere will be on June 8. A month later special variant covers were announced.

These covers will feature characters from the comics and the video game. Well now it turns out that these actually reveal the new skins and other cosmetic items that players can get by purchasing this comic.

But where does this information come from? well of ShiinaBRwhich has long shared details of this battle royale early. According to this person, the line of comics will offer several special items.

It will be necessary to buy each of the five numbers that they comprise. This includes a skin or appearance in the first number, followed by a wrapper, peak, spray and a loading screen at numbers 2 through 5, respectively.

An extra skin will be available, according to ShiinaBRfor each player who has the previous five comics of Marvel. But this informant is not the only one who has said something, but there is someone else.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2099 is coming to Fortnite

hypexwho is another prominent informant of Fortnite, shared the variant covers of the comics that will be part of this collaboration. Among them stands out in particular someone who has never come to the game.

It is nothing less than Spider-Man 2099. So it is possible that Michael O’Hara, the true identity of this hero, appears on the island at some point. It is possible that he will enter the scene at the end of the summer.

The way this line of comics is being handled from Marvel remember a little what he did Epic Games with Batman/Fortnite: Zero Pointwhich comprised six comics centered on the Dark Knight.

This was published from April to July of last year. Each of these issues included a cosmetic item for this battle royale. Among his gifts were the Bat Man Y harley quinn quite distinctive looking.


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