Asia and Kim | who are the children of Mirko Casadei

Asia and Kim, who are the children of Mirko Casadei: “My daughter made me a grandfather very young” (Sunday 17 April 2022)
Mirko Casadeiborn in 1972, has two sons Asia and Kim. In an interview with Famiglia Cristiana, the sonsor Raoul Casadei he explained why his sons they have such exotic names, almost like an adventure novel: “Kim is the name of an Italian-Swiss child I met in kindergarten and who became my best friend in childhood; Asia instead it is linked to the period in which I was an animator on ships with my sister Carolina. Every year I found two grandparents with a wonderful granddaughter who, as soon as she saw me, she clung to my legs. I then discovered that they were the parents of the singer Paolo Belli, with whom then I am became friends and that the girl was his sonsto Asia“.

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