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The collaboration of Coachella 2022 in Fortnite has resulted in new skins within the popular battle royale of Epic Games. Next, we will tell you what the suits are, what accessories they carry and what their prices are.

The festival premiered the April 15 his first batch of objects in the virtual store of the video game, which includes skins whose names are Rough Y Lyric.

In order to purchase Coachella outfits and accessories, they must be purchased with V-Bucks, the in-game virtual currency. The current exchange rate is 1,000 bucks for $7.99.

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What are the first cosmetics that Coachella released in Fortnite?

Coachella items arrive in two batches at the Fortnite Battle Royale store. The first set of Coachella cosmetics in Fortnite and their prices in V-Bucks are as follows:

  • Coachella Party Bundle (includes the Bronco skin and its two styles, the Little Teeth backpack accessory, the Neon Teether harvesting tool, the Little Teeth Style wrap, the Lyrical skin and its three styles, the Colorful Cactus backpack accessory, and the Festival Guitar harvesting tool): 2,800 turkeys
  • Skin Bronco (includes the alternative style Cosmic EQ, reactive to music) + Little teeth backpacking accessory: 1,500 bucks
  • Gathering Tool Neon Teether (reactive to music): 800 paVos
  • Little Teeth Style Wrap: 500 V-Bucks
  • Lyric Skin (includes music-reactive Cosmic EQ alternate style and additional Festival Style style) + Colorful Cactus backpacking accessory: 1,500 bucks
  • Festival Guitar Pickup Tool: 800 paVos

The second batch of Coachella memorabilia will be available in store April 22, 2022 and is expected to have the following cosmetics:

  • Skin High (reactive to music)
  • backpacking accessory Sonic waves (reactive to music)
  • harvesting tool Tender Electropalm
  • Skin Poetess (reactive to music)
  • backpacking accessory Cosmonaut Helmet
  • harvesting tool Cactic Crusher
  • wrapper Main Stage

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