Fans of Monterrey, Toluca and Chivas set off alarms of a more violent soccer in Mexico

Fans of Chivas, Monterrey and Toluca have gone beyond the limits of verbal protests to try to confront players and coaching staff

A section of fans Monterey, Toluca Y Chivas they maintain have raised the alarm about the escalation of violence in Mexican soccer, not to mention the incident that occurred at the Corregidora Stadium between fans of Querétaro and Atlas.

With protests towards their respective directives, players and technical bodies, the MX League It has drawn the attention of the entire country due to the way in which the followers of the aforementioned teams manifest themselves.

the followers of Monterey they gave the first signal when they demonstrated in Abu Dhabi during the Club World Cup in February this year. With banners and shouts, they stopped the team bus and asked to speak with the players and with Javier Aguirrethen club manager.

After the return of the equipment to Mexico, another sector of fans requested the exit of the directive and of Javier Aguirrebecause they considered that he did not perform adequately for the quality of the team.

In Tolucathe Red Devils fans came to the club’s training facilities to complain about the poor results of this Clausura 2022. Some players spoke with part of the fans, although the best results were not obtained.

Alexis Canelo, Haret Ortega, Leo Fernández and Jorge Torres Nilo spoke outside the Metepec facilities with the fans, however, Canelo was the one who had the strongest discussion, since he faced the fans.

The Argentine striker heard complaints from the fans, but he confronted them and reminded them of his scoring championship with the Scarlets. Although he admitted the bad moment of the team, he did not take the criticism in the best way.

fans of the Chivas caused damage this Friday night at the team’s concentration hotel prior to the duel against Blue Cross.

Since the Chivas arrived at the hotel, members of the animation group ‘La Insurgencia’ gathered to protest the poor results in the current championship.

Some fans broke the security fence to try to rebuke the players of the Chivaseven breaking windows of the building.

The members of the animation group sang songs, carried flags and banners as well as lighting flares to protest against the squad and the board, after adding a total of four games without victory in the current tournament.

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