William and Kate, no to David Beckham’s son’s wedding invitation: “We can’t be there”

It appears that in the list of the invited to the famous marriage of the son of David BeckhamBrooklyn and Nicola Peltz, there were also the royals William and Kate. The wedding from 3 million of Brooklyn Pounds, held on Saturday, April 9, saw faces famous among the invitedsuch as Gordon Ramsey and Eva Longoria, but, as My London reports, the Cambridge are not introduce yourself.

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According to the Mirror, a source close to the Beckham she said: ‘David and Victoria wrote to William and Kate inviting them and her family at the wedding of sonand William replied wishing them so much joy but they can’t take part“. The date of marriage it also coincided with the first anniversary from the death of William’s grandfather, the Prince Philipin 2021.

It seems, however, that the choice Beckhams wasn’t easy. Given the invitation, in 2018, to the wedding of prince Harry and Meghan, the Beckhams struggled to decide which of their friends real invite following the alleged split between the two principles. However, according to a source, they ultimately chose Will and Kate. The source told the Mirror: “David’s attachment and history go back to William and Katand with which they have one relation very strong and they were theirs choice of guests to marriage. They are the people David and Victoria are related to. ‘

Although the Brooklyn wedding didn’t see the Cambridge, there were several stars. The model Gigi Hadid, American reality star Nicole Ritchie, the son of Madonna Rocco Ritchie, the soccer player American Tom Brady and supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen, as well as David’s football friends, Dave Gardner, Gary Neville and his brother Phil.

Last updated: Friday 15 April 2022, 11:25


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