Defending the caveman, communication exercise

Vera Poncho gets ready in the dressing room Ignacio Lopez Tarso Theater to open the curtain of the monologue Defending the caveman, work with which he debuted as an actor a couple of performances ago.

The host of programs like Stomp and Run and the Sun Comes Out, by Imagen Televisiónhas what it takes to go on stage: his lance, his animal print clothing, his voice and his personality as a communicator.

On the dresser in the dressing room and in front of a large mirror framed in white lights, Vera has the printed Excelsior, to find out about the most relevant news of the day, with which he feeds for the morning news.

It is with this newspaper that he shared, prior to his performance, that he does not try to imitate the actor César Bono, who has starred in the monologue for more than two decades and who is currently on hiatus for health reasons.

I know the expectation of the public, I am fully aware of that. It is the work of César Bono, it is his cave, he is a master, a genius for doing this work. But I believe, without falling into comparisons that lead nowhere, because he is a figurehead on stage and I am not, that my proposal is very funny, that it has very different things and that is what is attractive to the public.

I don’t imitate César, I couldn’t and I don’t want to. Those who have seen it with César, which surely have been thousands and thousands of people, if they come to see me and do me this favor, they will see something very different, which in some way will make them rediscover this work. After a while Cesar will return and I understand that we are going to alternate, but for now you will find a different experience. That is also father for lovers of the work. Come and give me the opportunity, you will continue to love the work, it just has a different nuance, “he said backstage.

The experience of being in a theater with a live audience, as opposed to being in front of a television camera, is what nourishes and drives Vera to see each performance as an opportunity.

It’s very different. Defending the Caveman is fiction, but I see it as a monologue, as a communication exercise. It does have its acting part, but it’s me, it’s Poncho who is there and I’m talking about Fer (Fernanda Locken), my wife, who also appears in the videos. So it’s not that she’s completely playing a character, but I’m kind of playing me. I have discovered that there are many ways to connect with people. I have tried to do that for many years now, since I started in this communication business, and this is a different way of communicating and transmitting something to people. I think that in this work it is something very positive and I love that.

I, who am proudly in De pisa y corre, which is a relaxed newscast, see news that is not, at times, very encouraging. So I think this monologue has hope and a good path, the family, that of a man, a woman and her children. I like it a lot and I have discovered myself in a different facet to communicate, ”he revealed.

And the discovery of his comic vis? Poncho Vera pointed out: “I am from everything and they criticize me sometimes for that. I’m not a comedian, but lightning at it. I really like the sense of humor and I put a lot of things into the work. One of my characteristics is occurrences, finding the double meaning of things and, suddenly, turning the facts around.

Here I can get very well. Whoever likes my work on radio and TV, I think you will like this too. Whoever doesn’t like my work will also like it, because the text is very good, I only put a little seasoning on it”.

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