Coachella, all at the event forge of trends

How to dress at Coachella when you are over 30? This is the burning question that appeared in recent days on a foreign fashion site. Of course, having the right look on every occasion counts, but the reasons that push the media to deem it necessary to draw up a vademecum for the more âgé spectators of a music festival are not very clear. Especially because, in certain situations, fashion should be relative.


Coachella generation: the trend incubator festival is back

by Stefania Medetti

It should, but priorities change at Coachella. Coachella is the pop-rock festival organized every spring outside Palm Springs which over the years has hosted all the greats, from Beyoncé to Eminem to Depeche Mode and Prince. After a three-year break for Covid – which explains the need for a stylistic manual for those who have become too “old” in the meantime – the event is back live this and next weekend. Among the performers there will be Harry Styles, Billie Eilish and Måneskin, but the musical relevance alone is not enough to explain how fundamental the appointment is for the fashion system, who has been appropriating it for some time, transforming it into a gigantic promotional platform for its products.

Thanks to the proximity to Los Angeles, which has led more and more stars to attend it, Coachella is now first and foremost a gathering for people who mainly want to be seen. Obviously the fashion brands, sensing the power of attraction both of the event and of the audience that attends it, arrived at the wheel, occupying more and more space.

And so it will be this time too, judging by the transhumance of models, starlets, influencers and aspiring ones in the direction of the desert, with trunks full of looks in line with the guidelines of the Coachella style: a mix of hippie, rave party and luxury disguised as casual, considered vital in those parts. There are also those who guarantee that the Coachella-mania is now over, but it would not seem, judging by the amount of posts on social media accompanied by the #Coachella tag despite having nothing to do with the festival. Simply, those who use it exploit what is trendiest to generate traffic on their profile: the interest for the festival is still there, and how.

In this ecosystem, among the stars and influencers who only move in favor of selfies, the brands have also crept, capable of unleashing Super Bowl budgets for the occasion; the list of fashion-sponsored parties and performances seems endless: among others, a large H&M party, a Fiorucci temporary shop, various Pandora initiatives, an amusement park with a Levi’s sponsored Ferris wheel and a villa for tiktokers are planned. from Hugo, the line for the youngest by Hugo Boss. Several brands specializing in rock festival clothing guarantee delivery of merchandise directly to Coachella, whether it is a hotel, trailer or tent. In practice, there will be everything around.

Almost sorry for those poor influencers, contractually obliged to attend each event, posting abundantly.
Of course, they have their advantage: a few days ago Maryam Ghafarinia, content creator based in Los Angeles, explained to the New York Post that of the four editions of Coachella she has been to so far she has not even seen a performance, because she is too busy to making sponsored videos and photos, even billing $ 10,000 per festival. And how to blame her …

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