Alex Alcalá Mexican viral for dancing to Manchester United

There is Mexican talent all over the world and this was demonstrated Alex Alcalaa player of just 16 years who went viral on social networks, after giving a dance to the defense of the Man Utd.

Alcala play in the lower categories of the Galaxy and they faced their similar Man Utd. It was there that the Mexican gave the show that went around the world, because it was full of magic and quality.

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Alex Alcala against Manchester United

In the first half, when the game was tied 1-1, Alex Alcala He took the ball at the start of his team, with a feint he took off two rivals, continued towards midfield and then with a tunnel he took off another player.

Later, when the game was once again tied at two goals, once again Alex Alcala. In the opposite field he once again took away a rival with a lot of quality and then put in a center that almost ended in a goal.

Alex Alcala is part of the academy of Galaxy since February 2021, where he has been adding minutes and flashes of quality. A clause was included in his contract that would allow him to sign with the Manchester City at no cost to ‘citizens’, when you turn 18 years of age.

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