5 card mistakes to avoid

Although they are not a financial product new, the Credit cards have greatly expanded their popularity, especially in recent years when they have also proliferated digital commerce servicesfor which the use of a bank card as payment methodalthough over time more options have been made available to customers.

Despite being a versatile instrument that offers more benefits than cash payments, there are people who do not get the most out of their bank plastics and still end up complicating their personal finance with debts when they use them carelessly.

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For all this, we show you below the five keys to use your credit card without problems with the Credit bureau: calculate your ability to pay, make safe online purchases, do not run out of cash, do not make cash withdrawals or pay other debts with your plastic.

Calculate your ability to pay. The first thing is to be very clear about how much money you can afford to spend through financing in the month, according to the income you receive and your other obligations, such as fixed expenses.

Make secure online purchases. Before deciding to press the button with which you confirm your expected acquisitions, it is better to confirm the reliability of the portal and compare between several websites so as not to get carried away.

Don’t run out of cash. Some users of these financial products will find it impractical to make payments for their consumption with cash, but if your budget indicates that you are close to reaching your debt capacity, it is better not to exceed it and keep money to pay your monthly payment instead of spending it. adjusted the next cut.

Do not have cash from your line of credit. Having the option of having some cash on hand sounds interesting and flashy, but make no mistake; it’s not extra money. It is not an additional income but a debt not contemplated and that will generate interest, so if it is not contemplated in your payment capacity, then discard it whenever you can.

Do not pay other debts with your plastic. If you have pending payments with other credit cards and it seems tempting to get rid of that account by charging it to another card, just consider the extra interest you will have to pay to get out of this situation.

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As you can see, although it is not very complicated to use a credit card, it is important that you do it responsibly so that it becomes the great ally of your finances and not a burden; but that is not the fault of your plastic but of the discipline with which you use it.

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