Vergara no longer commands, the new owner of Chivas who prevents Leaño from leaving

The reason why Chivas keeps Leaño as its DT
The reason why Chivas keeps Leaño as its DT

Chivas does not raise his head and the rojiblanca fans ask for the departure of Marcelo Michel Leaño, however, the current board of the Herd does not want to remove the strategist, all this for alleged financial aid that Chivas receives from a billionaire.

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Goodbye Leaño, the DT who would come to Chivas and his first signing would be Funes Mori

According to the journalist Jesús Hernández, the family of Marcelo Michel Leaño would have contributed a large sum of money to Chivas to settle their debts. The most visible face is precisely José Antonio Leaño, owner of the Tecos club.

The Chivas coach’s uncle would be the one who keeps Marcelo Michel Leaño in office as rojiblanco strategist, where Amaury Vergara would be tied hand and foot without being able to move him from his position.

Will Chivas look for a new DT for the Opening?

In order not to damage Marcelo Michel Leaño’s resume, the Chivas board would wait until the end of the tournament to thank the DT and be able to rethink from there who would be the new rojiblanco helmsman.

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He left through the back door of America, now he could be the new Chivas DT

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