There will be an increase in infections after Easter: director of Medicine

The director of the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Luis Carlos Hinojos, stated that the rebound in Covid-19 cases after the Easter holiday period is a fact due to the fact that most people relax sanitary measures since a high mobility is observed in the entity.

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He added that vaccination against Covid-19 has allowed the figures to have decreased, so he added, thanks to this, it is expected that despite the increase in cases there will be fewer hospitalizations.

“We have experienced it in the last two years, and the truth is that as much as we insist, there will be a relaxation of the measures during the vacation period, but we hope that the serious cases will remain stable,” he said.

He quoted: “During these holidays there is an increase in mobility and as much as we insist there will be relaxation of measures, although the numbers have dropped, we have to attribute this to vaccination, since a large number of the population is already vaccinated.”

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He added that in addition to the fact that the adolescent and adult population are vaccinated, in the city of Chihuahua there is also the advantage that several children were vaccinated outside the country, a factor that he indicated will help so that the condition of those who become infected does not worsen.

“Yes, there is going to be an increase in infections, it is a fact, we have seen it from past experiences, but it seems to me that cases of hospitalization and serious cases are going to remain the same,” added the pediatric pulmonologist.

He indicated that due to the high mobility that will occur throughout the holidays, measures such as the use of face masks should be preserved, although he pointed out that there are places where it is difficult for people to use them, such as beaches or on days of countryside.

He added that it is necessary, that other measures such as constant hand washing, is a habit that must remain permanently, because this not only reduces the possibility of getting Covid-19, but other respiratory diseases, or other diseases. such as gastrointestinal.

He called on the general population to take care of their own health and therefore of others, following constant hygiene, as well as the hygiene of objects, spaces, and although it is a vacation time, avoid being in crowded places as much as possible .

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