The revocation exercise was, and it went very well: INE – La Voz de la Frontera

Faced with remarks from Morena’s representative who blamed the media and the opposition for the low participation in last Sunday’s conference, the president of the Local Board of the INE in Baja California, María Luisa Flores Huerta, pointed out that the revocation exercise was, and it went very well.

This Wednesday afternoon, the session was held with which the mandate revocation process was closed, which took place on Sunday, April 10, in which 384 thousand 918 citizens participated in Baja California, representing 13.22 5 of the registered citizens. in the nominal list of voters, which is below the national participation that was 17.77%.

Last Sunday, the revocation of the mandate was held, in which the continuity or not of Andréz Manuel López Obrador, in the presidency of the Republic, would be decided in Baja California, 356 thousand 268 citizens or 92.55% voted for him to continue. in office, 24 thousand 394 or 6.33% to be revoked and 4 thousand 256 were null, which is equivalent to 1.10%.

The president of the Local Board of the National Electoral Institute (INE), highlighted the fact that 100% of the voting booths were installed.

“The decision to go and participate was in the citizenship and only in it.”

The INE made sure to make the widest possible dissemination within its reach, it made sure that the polling station boards were ready, as well as to carry out the computation of the exercise in a timely manner.

An area of ​​opportunity for the exercise is the model of communication that has been questioned even by those who legislated it that way, from the scope of their responsibilities they have the possibility of improving and strengthening it.

“The main premise for those of us who intend to improve it, will be not to forget that they are tools of and for the citizenry, the latter I have written in capital letters because it is the core of this task, in the same way it should be a reason for analysis by the empowered instances to ensure to provide the necessary resources to any exercise of participation”.

For his part, Morena’s representative on the Local Board, Javier Tenorio, criticized the media, as well as the opposition parties for inducing low participation in the revocation day, in which only less than one was installed. third of the voting booths that are installed in a constitutional election.

Those who wanted the revocation of the mandate did not go to the polls, nor did those who wanted the continuity of the president, because they were discouraged from voting for something that they believed would not change.

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