Michael Jordan’s team player hit a girl with his mouthguard


In the game Charlotte Hornets vs. Atlanta Hawks for the 2022 NBA Play-In, a player from Michael Jordan’s team hit a girl with his mouthguard. Video.

Miles Bridges and Michael Jordan
© Getty ImagesMiles Bridges and Michael Jordan

The tension and intensity of the Play-In of the NBA came to full force and after the definition of the first games, Michael Jordan got some bad news: Charlotte Hornets was left with no chance of qualifying Playoffs losing with Atlanta Hawks.

Despite the 26 points of LaMelo Ball, things did not go well for the team whose majority owner is Jordan. The offense did not respond, the Hornets dropped 103 to 132 points and They were eliminated from the Play-In 2022.

The superiority of Trae Young and company was such that impotence reached a player from Jordan’s team with a reaction that he himself Miles Bridges qualified as “unacceptable”. Michael is going to have a very serious conversation with this power forward.

The last quarter of the game Charlotte Hornets vs. Atlanta Hawks for Play-In 2022 when Bridges was expelled for a couple of words too many against one of the referees and when he was retiring to the locker room he had an action that went around the world of the NBA.

‘That’s unacceptable’: Jordan’s team player hit a girl

On Miles Bridges’s way to the locker room after being expelled, several Atlanta Hawks fans began to wave goodbye and the player for Michael Jordan’s team responded by throwing off his mouth guard. Unfortunately the object hit a hobby girl. “Somebody put me in touch with the young lady. That’s unacceptable.” the Charlotte Hornets power forward wrote.

Miles Bridges’ apology for unintentionally hitting a girl in Hornets vs. hawks

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