These crazy items return to Fortnite for Easter

The Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is bringing a lot of new features to the game, one of them being the Resistance challenges where you will have to fight the Imaginary Order directly.

Last week the players managed to take down the OI in the Daily Buglebut this time the battlefield will be a very characteristic place for them, Canyon Condo. That is where the next guerrillas will be waged to kick the order out of the island once and for all.

All this has been introduced through a hotfix, which apart from the Resistance missions also adds new items and weapons to the game, among which we find the propellants. With them you will be able to plan and bomb while aiming with the sights, which will be easier when it comes to hitting a shot.


He has also returned to the game the egg thrower. On the occasion of the Easter holiday, we will be able to inflict explosive damage for a limited time based on eggs. You can find the weapon on the island floor and in loot chests.

egg thrower

The bouncy eggs they also return from the chamber for a limited time and will apply a temporary low gravity effect to you, as well as regenerate some shield. You can find jumping eggs scattered all over the island.

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