Norovirus in children: Government of Nuevo-León admits-increase in cases

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The state Health Secretariat admitted on Tuesday that a increase in patients with norovirus in Nuevo León and ruled out that it is caused by the consumption of dirty water.

It should be remembered that the platform MILLENNIUM-Multimedios announced since last week the increase in cases of norovirus that it causes in patients, especially in minors, fever, vomiting, dehydration and diarrhea.

At a press conference, Alma Rosa Marroquín Escamilla, head of health, did not specify the number of cases registered in the state.

“Regarding the cases of norovirus, the number of important cases has increased, there are hospitalizations reported in public and private institutions in the state.

“In this case, it is rather due to inappropriate hand hygiene and a transmission that has been detected with which fecal-oral transmission has been reported,” he said.

Marroquin stated that most children have a clinical picture characterized by diarrhoea, fever and vomiting; some of them might even have respiratory symptoms.

Juan Ignacio Barragán, director of Monterrey Water and Drainage Services (SADM), ruled out that the liquid supply causes this disease.

He noted that this version was confirmed by laboratory studies of the virus.

“This new virus that has been developing has absolutely nothing to do with the water that is supplied by Agua y Drainage, false information has been circulating about it, on our page we are sharing the correct information and this is already verified by the Ministry of Health,” said Barragán.

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