Megalopolis, Christian Bale could take the place of Oscar Isaac in Coppola’s film

The Welsh actor would have been sentenced directly by the director for the project he has been working on for twenty years. To reveal it to the Canadian press, Robert Duvall

After the abandonment of the project by Oscar Isaac, announced a few weeks ago, a new star could soon arrive in the cast of Megalopolis: Christian Bale. The great project by Francis Ford Coppola continues to be talked about although there is still no official news on its possible production. A dream, the film of the life of a great director, who at the moment does not yet have a producer, but who already seems to have a cast.

Duvall’s words

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This cast lost an important piece to Oscar Isaac, but according to what Robert Duvall reported to the Canadian newspaper The Gate, Francis Ford Coppola would have moved immediately for the replacement, foreclosing another big Hollywood star, none other than Christian Bale. In the interview it is not specified that it is actually the role left vacant by Isaac, but the logic would seem to lead in that direction. “He is a wonderful young actor – said Duvall in the interview – I think Coppola contacted him for the lead role in this gigantic film”.


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If all goes well, Bale could join an already overwhelming cast that would also make use of star names like Cate Blanchett, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jessica Lange, Zendaya, Jon Voight, Forest Wihtaker and James Caan. Francis Ford Coppola recently had a chat with James Gunn at the Suicide Squad director’s house. The two also reportedly talked about Megalopolis, which Gunn said he can’t wait to see.


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Megalopolis it is a project that Coppola has been cradling for almost 40 years and which now seems to be on the verge of being realized. A blockbuster in full 1930s style, but obviously in a modern key, a tale of a utopian project for the rebirth of a New York destroyed by a natural catastrophe, which reverberates echoes of the Roman Empire. With Coppola. Among the actors involved should be Cate Blanchett, Oscar Isaac, Forest Whitaker, Jon Voight. Among the names made, even those of Jude Law and Jessica Lange. The budget would be between 100 and 120 million dollars, with the director who said he was ready to co-finance the project with his savings.

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