Messi would have recommended a Mexican for PSG

Thinking already about what will be the 2022-23 seasonLionel Messi I would be suggesting some signings for him PSGthat is why it has been announced that the Argentine star recommended a Mexican to get to the Ligue 1which if given, would undoubtedly boost his career in a great way.

The PSG broke the summer market with the additions of the same MessiSergio bouquets, Donnarumma, Wijnaldum Y Hakimi with a view to winning the Champions League. This season it could not happen but they want the reinforcements that are to come to achieve the objective.

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Who is the Mexican that Messi would have recommended?

According to Italian media, Leo Messi would have suggested to PSG sign Mexico-Argentina Luke Romerowho is called the ‘Mexican Messi’ and who today is playing in the Latium of the A series.

Reports state that Messi Know what Luke Romero has a great future, because after being in Mallorca and moving to the Latiumit must have more opportunities to prove itself and consolidate itself, so it believes that the PSG it would do you good.

Player Luka Romero Majorca

It is important to specify that Luke Romero born in Durangoso he has Mexican nationality and is eligible for the Aztec Selection despite the fact that he has already played with the inferiors of Argentina.

Like Marcelo Floresplayer of ArsenalLuke Rosemary he is still hoping that one of the major teams he can play with will opt for him and give him the opportunity to have a major international experiencebut we will have to wait.

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At the moment it is said that Messi has recommended it to PSG and soon they could be done with his signing, because the young Mexico-Argentina has a valid contract with the Latium until June from 2023, so the Parisian team could make an offer for him and take him at a good price. Considering that you have 17 yearsIt would be a bet for the future.

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