Jennifer Lopez, the secrets of young skin at 52

“Hello guys, today I have an event at Sephora”. Wrapped in a soft white terry bathrobe, JLo greets his followers from the bathroom of his mansion (video here). Her caramel-colored hair is gathered in a high, tight ballerina bun and her face is completely removed, fresh from cleansing. At 52 (53 in July), the Latin pop star and beauty entrepreneur can boast radiant and perfectly smooth skin, without wrinkles, without sagging, without blemishes and without dark circles. Impossible not to feel a surge of envy! What is her secret? Gorgeous by nature, Jennifer Lopez is famous in her entourage for being very strict in terms of skin routines: cleansing is its essential step, as is the layering of nourishing, firming and illuminating serums, creams and masks. All, of course, by relying on the cosmetics of its J Lo Beauty brand. We are dazzled by her super glowy beauty of hers! As a fan of her comments: “This skin OMG!”.

Radiant facial skin like JLo, expert advice

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The years go by, but the skin does not necessarily have to reveal our biological age. JLo teaches: everything is in day by day care, starting with the skin routine. According to Roberto Cingia, training and education manager Dr. Hauschka Italy, “facial cleansing prepares you to receive any type of treatment. Cleansing means letting your skin breathe, giving it brightness. Yes to a light steam bath to open the pores, followed by the application on cleansed skin of a purifying mask to refine the skin texture. In this period many of us are affected by the constriction of the mask, with suffering facial skin, see under the heading impurities and / or redness. Make friends with products based on naturally detoxifying ingredients such as Leoss clay; nasturtium extract with anti-inflammatory action; witch hazel extract able to strengthen the skin; the extract of daisies, a friend of skin metabolism. The season must then be considered. In spring, our skin, just like plants, awakens from the long winter and prepares to face the light and sunny days. Qhis is the ideal time to moisturize your face with fast-absorbing fluid texture cosmetics based on extracts of officinal plants such as apricot, carrot and hypericum, to restore vitality and freshness to dull skin, protecting it throughout the day. In the evening, on the other hand, yes to a concentrated fat-free skincare treatment to promote skin regeneration during the hours of rest “.

3 products for the spring revitalizing skin routine

Facial beauty care for the night, Its composition based on rhythmic extracts of witch hazel, white lily and silver, promotes regeneration

Dr Hauschka

€ 26.90

Sérum Intensif Aux Résines Tropicales, Treatment with a high concentration of purifying active ingredients, with proven and visible efficacy


€ 144.99

Pomegranate Firming Face Oil, intensive anti-aging treatment, rich in antioxidants and based on organic plant extracts

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