5 celebs who responded to the haters with irony

The haters lurk everywhere and find very fertile ground on social media to be able to insult feeling protected by a screen. The frustration of haters often targets celebs but there are those who manage to turn insults (disguised as criticism) into an opportunity to get a laugh.

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Nothing disarms hatred more than a fair dose of irony, here are 5 celebs who responded to haters with humor:


The singer was named the “worst dressed” to Oscar from a Tik Toker who added: “I’m sick of her s ** t!”(I’m tired of his shit). Billie duet the video sitting directly on the toilet bowl with the caption: «I HAVEN’T had enough of my s ** t. I am s **** ing right now “ (I haven’t had enough. I’m doing it now).

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Since he dared to diss Eminem and since he began his controversial relationship with Megan Fox, with all the more or less spiritual-devilish references attached), Machine Gun Kelly has not been decidedly immune to hatred on the web. He recently wanted to respond on Tik Tok to a video in which he insinuates that he cannot play his iconic pink guitar.

MGK is keen to clarify to play live and he jokes about the mistake of the hater unaware of the functioning of that model of guitar and the fact that he is a member of the company that produces it, therefore, on the fact that the hater is doing him only free advertising. The icing on the cake to understand how much the troll does not know what he is talking about: he exchanges it with his dear friend Pete Davidson in a photo.

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

TikTok content

This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

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The title of “one of the galaxy’s most iconic music award acceptance speeches” is definitely won by rapper Cardi B. Famous not only for her hits but also for her sense of humor, she never misses an opportunity in 2018 to give a jab to the haters in her own way.

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