The long cut of the moment is full and “extreme”

Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, Jessica Chastain, Dua Lipa, Rihanna, sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid and before them also stars like Meghan Markle and Jennifer Lopez: bring i long hair in 2022as well as being fashionable, it has a new meaning. The lengths, in fact, have become extreme, going down to a palm under the breasts. “Hair very long are a big trend in recent years, but the real trend is more care, because if a hair is not well cared for and in good health it cannot be long “, he tells us Sergio CarlucciCo-Founder of Toni & Guy Italia.

The first investment to make if you want to have long hair is therefore inhaircare, knowing that if the hair is healthy it will not need much maintenance. Also because the“full” effect it is precisely the trend sought in the extra long cuts of the moment. “Today long hair must communicate well-being: everything around long hair must show that the head is thick and healthy, without fluttering ends. This is why today the scaling of long cuts are minimal. Just then effect cuts wild: in long cuts there is a certain bon tonwhich requires a greater mass of hair, in order to give it a more compact appearance “, continues Carlucci.


Scalp care, the root care that regenerates hair

by Martina Manfredi

XXL cut: how to

The first rule to make your hair grow is to cut it: “The tips must be cut to give the hair a full look. Even just one centimeter is enough, every two months or so, thus eliminating those tips that would never grow any more “, explains the hairstylist.
There scalingas mentioned, it must be minimal and tailored to each physiognomy: “In relation to the woman’s body, it is necessary to understand whether to create a longer shape in front or behind. For example, to make them fall not on the face, but on the shoulders and give movement , the hair must be scaled only at the tips, while if the face is very small, it is better to cut some tufts at the height of the cheeks “.

While strong scaling is always not recommended for curly, to create the full effect on straight and thin hair there is a trick: “It’s called overcut and it is a technique that consists of a circumscribed scaling at the top of the head, to give a lot of volume without losing thickness “.

Color and care

One trick used to move heads with very long hair is to play with the reflections of color on the lengths, lightening them: “In this way we emulate what also happens naturally due to the sun, especially in the summer. The reflections help to give depth to the head, as long as you do not get to dehydrate them”. To help keep them healthy, however, there are tailor-made salon treatments to complement the treatments at home. “The two active ones who best marry with long hair are keratin and hyaluronic acid: while the first has a filling effect and seals the cuticles to make the hair even more shiny, the second works as a plumping filler “, continues the expert.


From the filler effect to the smoothing power: all about keratin

by Martina Manfredi

The trick: extensions

Along with the super long hair trend in Hollywood the are reigning extension. “We hairstylists are not great lovers of extensions lived in a semi-permanent way, for months and months, but we prefer those used to change the look for a limited timebecause in my opinion they damage the roots a little in the long run “, Sergio Carlucci confesses. Today the extension models to choose from are many: there are those to be applied with the hot keratin or to attack quickly with clips or bi-adhesive. “To plump and lengthen hair for a limited period of time, they work very well”, continues Carlucci, who also suggests another idea to those who would like to magically lengthen their hair. “The world of wigs it has evolved a lot and can give great satisfaction. There are also partial wigs, I call them topper, caps to be applied to your hair with imperceptible clip combs; the results are amazing “.

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