Technician in Brazil headbutted line judge

An image that went around the world occurred in the football of Brazil. Raphael Sorianotechnician of Railway Sportsgave a tremendous header to Marciely Nettoafter receiving a yellow card.

While they disputed Quarterfinals of the Capixaba ChampionshipThat was when the incident happened. soriano He couldn’t stand a referee’s decision and ended up committing an attack that cost him the club to terminate his contract.

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Brazil Rafael Soriano

Rafael Soriano’s header

At half time of the match, Raphael Soriano entered the field of play to claim that they had finished the first half, when his team was about to take a corner kick. He did it so angrily that he was reprimanded.

The yellow card only made soriano get angrier and end up headbutting the line judge, Marcelly Netto, who put his hand to his nose. The coach was expelled immediately, while he continued to complain.

The images became viral on social networks and the reaction of the EspĂ­rito Santo State Soccer Federation was immediate, announcing that they had opened an investigation against the coach.

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