“My surname? If you have it and you are wrong there is no forgiveness “

After all, it also takes a lot of courage to follow in the footsteps of a father who is perhaps the most famous living Italian in the world, with over 90 million copies sold with his albums. And Matteo Bocelli, 24 years old son of the famous tenor, he has: «If you come out of nowhere and you make a mistake, you will be forgiven. When you carry a surname like the one I wear, you have the spotlight on you even before departure “, says the singer, who after collecting his first singles in English the duet with his dad Andrea in 2018’s Fall On Me, Solo and Close debuts in Italian with the new single Dimmi, just released.

When did you realize that it would not have had an easy life, because of such a cumbersome surname?
“In first high school. On the first day of school, a teacher made the roll call. When he got to Bocelli he said: Here we treat everyone the same. I didn’t expect such an exit, free of charge. “

What did he reply?
«Good morning, in the meantime. The important thing, in such situations, is to always respond with a smile and politeness ».

How did you learn to move in the music industry?
“I knew that the day I released my first single there would be exaggerated expectations of me right away, just because I was the son of. I decided not to give a damn: I live everything with the right carefree ».

These are the cons: what about the pros of making a Bocelli surname?
«I have a team of great professionals on my side. Not everyone can say they have signed a contract in the US with a record company like Capitol Records, for which Paul McCartney, Katy Perry and Norah Jones also record, or to be part of a roster like Maverick Management, the same as Madonna, U2, The Weeknd ».

The greatest teaching of your dad Andrea?
«He always told me that success depends on two factors: technique and talent. You can learn the technique by studying. Talent, on the other hand, only the Eternal Father gives you when you are born ».

Who was the first to notice that he had this gift?
“My grandmother Edi, dad’s mom. At the first cry she said: Here’s another tenor. Perhaps it was all already written in the DNA: in the Aringhieri, grandmother’s family, there have been some singers in the past ».

With just three singles to his credit he has already collected several hosted on TV in the USA, from the Kelly Clarkson Show to Good Morning America, as well as two Christmas specials with the presence of President Biden: what is asked of an Italian singer who wants to make it abroad , from the record companies?
“No particular requests have been made to me. I am of the opinion that in music you have to follow passion and instinct. After two singles in English I wanted to claim my Italian origins now, with pride ».
The Maneskin have become a coincidence: instead of focusing on melody, they have blown away with rock, winning.
“I don’t know them, I didn’t follow their project.”

The collaboration with Mahmood, which co-signs Tell me, how did it start?
«Thanks to Silvia Tofani, the other author of the song: she made me listen to the musical tune they had worked on together and I liked it right away».

And the one with Sebastián Yatra, the Colombian singer with whom he released the single Until She’s Gone?
«I have been following him for years: I would also like to conquer the South American market. And I also look to India: soon a song with two local pop stars, Sukriti and Prakriti will be released ».

With Ed Sheeran, who duets with his dad on Perfect, is there anything in the pot?
“Maybe. I can say that she is a person who despite the enormous success she has had and continues to have makes you feel as if you were his friend for a lifetime ».

When will the album be released?
«By the end of the year: I have tried over 70 pieces».

How much truth was there in the rumors, circulated several times in recent years, that they wanted her in the race in Sanremo?
“The rumors were true and I was sorry not to be there. My father’s career was born on that stage and I would like, one day, to be able to tread it alone (in 2019 he accompanied his father as a guest, ed). Maybe next year will be the right year ».

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