Mexican soccer player threatened after being expelled in Chile

An mexican soccer player abroad is experiencing a moment of tension and it is that after being expelled in a match he has received multiple threats from the fans, including death, for which he has denounced this fact on social networks.

Benjamin Galdamesa young Mexican soccer player who plays for Spanish Union from Chilidenounced the fans for the messages they have received on social networks, regretting that they act in this way and that there is no respect mutual, because he has never said anything to them and the fans even mess with his family.

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When was Benjamin Galdames expelled?

This Sunday they measured Spanish Union in view of colo colowhere the local team won a tight victory by 2-1after being at a disadvantage from the minute 14 Y turn it over.

According to reports from Chile, Benjamin Galdames ‘he threw him Kisses to hobby from Colo Colo’ as a sign that they came back and were going to lose the match, something that made them furious; after this he was expelled to the minute 86.

Benjamín Galdames made it official that he will play with Mexico and not with Chile

The message of Benjamin Galdames

After this fact, the mexican soccer player revealed on social media that he had received multiple threats of deathboth for him and his familyafter he made this controversial gesture and was expelled, where he was affected by the situation.

“How unfortunate to live the same situation again, threats Y bad wishes for my family and for me, this time they have gone too far by sending personal informationI am human just like all of you who are reading this, I ask you for respect that I give it to you ”, he wrote Benjamin Galdames.

The 21 year old Mexican has played for several years with the Spanish Union and has also received calls to Aztec Selectionwhere he has been part of the Sub-20, Sub-21 and a friendly with the senior team.

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