Justin Bieber, Vespa passion for the pop star – Music

From world pop to Vespa two-wheelers for Justin Bieber who signs his own version of the famous scooter. Already a source of inspiration for designers, stylists and artists of different genres, Giorgio Armani to Christian Dior, passing through Sean Wotherspoon, for the famous scooter, this time it is the international pop superstar who thinks of a special and personalized version. The collaboration between Vespa and Bieber takes the form of Justin Bieber X Vespa, a new exclusive, personally conceived and designed by the pop star of ‘Stay’ and all the other world successes. A passion, that for Bieber’s Vespa, which comes from European roads. “The first time I rode a Vespa was somewhere in Europe – said Bieber – probably in London or Paris. I remember seeing a Vespa and thinking: I want to ride one! A unique experience. The wind that it went through my hair, the incredible feeling of freedom. It was fun. ” Characterizing the new Vespa by Bieber is the monochrome white color, chosen by the world pop star for all the elements of the new Vespa Sprint, including the flames drawn on the body, the touch that the artist wanted to give to ‘his of him’ Vespa. .


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