Andrés García is hospitalized, what is his state of health?

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The actor Andres Garciawho spoke about two weeks ago about his plans to start recording his bioseries, was hospitalized after suffering complications in his health condition.

The 80-year-old actor made the revelation through a couple of photos that shocked the more than 21,000 followers he accumulates on his official Instagram account.

The images were shared yesterday afternoon, so the reactions with good wishes for the famous recovery were immediate.

The Latin Lover wrestler was one of the first to write to the protagonist of films such as “Tintorera”, “Pedro Navaja” and “Los Juniors” with a text that said “Cheer up, my dear Andrés”.

“God save my Mexican idol”; “God is in control, blessings”; “Speedy recovery, Mr. Andrés”; “My prayers are with you”; “May God give him the health he needs, protect him and take care of him,” were some of the messages expressed by his other fans.

Why was Andrés García’s state of health affected?

The famous interpreter from the Dominican Republic commented that he was admitted to the Santa Lucía hospital to receive two units of blood.

This happened because he faced a deficiency of hemoglobin in the blood, “a hemoprotein of the blood whose function is to capture oxygen from the pulmonary alveoli and communicate it to the tissues, and to take carbon dioxide from these and transport it back to the lungs to expel it.

During his stay in the hospital, the protagonist of soap operas such as “The privilege of loving”, “The body of desire” and “Deceived women” was accompanied by his wife.

“Infinitely grateful to Dr. Escudero. To CP Alarcón for his help and attention. I also thank the medical staff of the hospital for their hospitality and affection, ”he expressed on social networks.

So far no more news about the state of health of the actor Andrés García. His children have not referred to any statement in this regard either.

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