The Fortnite PlayStation Cup will have a competition without construction

The Zero Construction mode has been a revolution for Fortnite, so much so that other companies are considering holding tournaments with this new way of playing. Sony, for example, wants to renew its PlayStation Cup with the no-build mode as the main phase of the competition.

For now, and even if a PlayStation tournament is going to be held in the battle royale in a matter of days, not much is known about how this will be, since the companies are still negotiating how the battles will be played.

Although Sony has already announced that the Fortnite PlayStation Cup will have a new format where 90% of the competition will be rounds in Zero Construction mode, the issue is that Epic has not formalized anything and has not confirmed if the competition will be held in this way. way.

At first it was going to be developed as a normal tournament with construction duos, but with the rise of this new way of playing, Sony has seen a good opportunity to revamp the way its tournaments are played.

Although we have confirmation from Sony and a possible date, April 8, we will have to continue waiting for Epic Games. It will be necessary to take into account the bases since by changing the way of playing they can change some aspects of the score in the competition.

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