Mammograms and free medical attention, at the Xalapa Health Fair

The Municipal Health Directorate of Xalapa, in coordination with the Ministry of Health (SS) and the Universidad Veracruzana (UV), will hold the first Health Fair on Monday, April 11 and Tuesday, April 12, an activity that will seek to bring together the different health services and prevention to the most vulnerable population.

This was indicated by the head of the area, Olga Isabel Alarcón Ricárdez, who explained that it will be from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., on Gabriel García street, in the June 6 neighborhood, in the green area in front of the Sports Field of Peasant Torch.

“We are going to have the mammography exam that we know we have a high degree of suffering from (breast cancer), it will also be taking the dentists of the Veracruzana University, it will also take timely detection of diabetes, let’s go to hold a comprehensive health fair,” he said in an interview.

He recalled that this Thursday, April 7, commemorates World Health Day, but due to the government closure due to the Mandate Revocation exercise, the day will be held next week, extending the invitation to all the residents of that area of ​​Xalapa to Take advantage of the different services that they will offer at no cost.

“It is totally free and it is an instruction that we have from Mayor Ricardo Ahued Bardahuil, who has commissioned us to take this service to the most vulnerable neighborhoods in Xalapa,” Alarcón Ricárdez stressed.

The official said that they will try to take these days to more neighborhoods with needs in the Capital, starting with this one so as not to miss the special date that is being commemorated.

“We do not want to miss this important date for citizens in Xalapa, the objective would be the most vulnerable areas of Xalapa, which are several, in this case it is to bring services that are not easy for citizens,” he finally pointed out.

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