Adan Pharmacy: a new alternative for health and wellness just a click away

In order to provide a unique experience when purchasing medicines and other convenience products online, adam pharmacy announces its launch to the general community as an alternative that seeks to satisfy the needs in terms of availability, access and speed of delivery in purchases within a stock of some five thousand pharmaceutical products, including prescription drugs and cold chain, as well as some three thousand items of personal care, beauty, food, and miscellaneous.

Made up of a team of professionals with a high profile and experience in the pharmaceutical sector, Adan Farmacia’s physical store also has an electronic commerce platform developed with the highest technology, with which they hope to transform the way in which people acquire your health products with just one click.

“Our physical pharmacy and online business were specifically designed to provide the customer with the fastest and most satisfying drug purchasing process on the market. We are the first smart pharmacy that combines technology with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, based on three fundamental pillars: better prices, variety of products and fast and safe deliveries”, he said. Antonieta Costantini, executive procurement manager and leader of the pharmacist staff at Adan Farmacia.

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State-of-the-art technological development for health

The digital commerce platform, where part of Adan Farmacia’s business is focused, has a technological project of almost two years of development and innovation on its website ( as well as in mobile applications that can be downloaded for free in the Play Store and App Store, according to the taste of consumers.

As a fundamental premise, Adan Farmacia has managed to form a group of professionals in the IT area, who developed from scratch all the technological resources so that customers can experience a new way of shopping online safely, intelligently and with the least time between the purchase process and delivery.

“We have thought so well about the digital business that our team of riders is connected with an application that allows us to interconnect the entire purchasing process and the internal process of picking Y packedwith the delivery system, monitoring -almost immediately- the 23 zones of the Caracas metropolitan area, with immediate home deliveries, he said Héctor Lusinchi, leader of the IT team.

As part of its vision, Adan Farmacia seeks to transform the way in which people acquire their health products completely online and that is why, within the IT team, the business has a Data Science area, whose purpose is to identify personalized recommendations of products based on the tastes of the end user, which simulates a physical store seller directly for each customer from their online purchase.

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Faster and shorter deliveries

One of the strategic objectives of Adan Farmacia is to maintain and control the purchasing process with respect to the internal process of picking Y packed of merchandise. For this reason, it is vital that web development guarantees the updating of inventory, that is, that technologically it has the capacity to maintain a 100% real inventory, which guarantees the veracity of the stock of available products, preventing customers from buying products that They have out of stock.

“An important advantage is that our fleet of riders maintains constant training by the pharmacist staff for medication delivery management, as well as GPS control and tracking 100% controlled by our system, linked and verified by a PIN associated with each purchase together with the delivery order. This allows us to have faster and more efficient delivery times, while minimizing any inconvenience that may occur, he commented. Alberto Fajardo, Logistics Executive Manager.

Thanks to all the professional experience of the team and the digital approach as an efficient alternative shopping experience, Adan Farmacia offers constant product promotions as well as a 100% real inventory that, together with the staff of dedicated riders, fulfill an important promise of value by seeking to satisfy current needs for customers who understand that practicality, speed and responsibility are key premises for an intelligent purchase thanks to technology.

Photo Cesar Palacios

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