Summary of the match Puebla vs Pumas (2-2). GOALS

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Puebla did not take advantage of Cougars has his head set on the Concachampions Second Leg Semifinal to cool the questions that had about the drop in their performanceand let slip a 2-0 lead to finish tied 2-2 in a match where his level dropped considerably.

To the sweet potato team It was urgent for him to add three points again to remove those doubts that they started as soon as the name of Nicolás Larcamón was linked to that of América, more so because it can also help him go directly to the Liguilla, but they did not do it against the University, team full of young people and without their stars..

Dull, the Fringe were able to impose conditions against a feline B squad in the first few minutes, as they had a hard time coming together as they weren’t the usual team. Andrés Lillini decided to go for the Final after beating Cruz Azul 2-1 in the middle of the week and those at home failed.

An penalty charged with power by Pablo Parra It was the key that opened the game, just at minute 13 of the game. It was controversial because there is a debate about whether José Galindo was on the field of play when he put his hand in, but nothing more.

This advantage facilitated the journey to the local team, which understood that the roads would open for it, being one of them by Alan Mozowho at minute 42 committed a serious lack of concentration that gave Maximiliano Araujo to appear fully just to make it 2-0.

Nevertheless, those of Larcamón are not fine and they made him see once again, despite the fact that they had everything to control the game at will. Without the order of the lower zone that they had in other games, they ended up erased and locked in their lower zone.

Between Diogo and Rogério made it 2-1 in the substitution of the first half and from there appeared the Pumas who have amazed locals and strangers, who have been able to shape epics.

The entire second half belonged to the auriazules, although the tie only fell until the 86th minute when

at minute 86 Jorge Ruvalcaba closed a low cross from Corozo to make the final 2-2which will give his team a big boost ahead of the midweek match against Cruz Azul at the Azteca Stadium, where they will seek the Concacaf Final.

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