National Lottery Results: Superior Draw 2721, WINNING number today April 8, 2022

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East friday april 8the National lottery carried out the Top Draw 2721whose ticket was dedicated to the International Decade of Indigenous Languages ​​(2022-2032), which arises from the high-level event “Building a decade of actions for indigenous languages” (2020), organized by the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) and the Mexican government, in cooperation with regional, national and international partners.

Said resolution invites the States to establish regional and national mechanisms for the implementation of the global action plan that allows the incorporation of indigenous languages, linguistic diversity and aspects related to multilingualism, in the global frameworks of sustainable development.

Did you buy one or several tickets for this draw? In Binary Herald we share the complete list with the winning numbers of the Superior Draw 2721 of the National lottery. Good luck!

Winning numbers of the Superior Draw 2721 of the National Lottery

Now, to know if your number was the winner of any of the prizes of the Top Draw 2721CLICK HERE to check if your “little bit” brings a prize.

  • Number of the Grand Prize, of 17 million pesos: 57700
  • Number of the second prize, of 1.44 million pesos: 16864
Complete list of winning numbers of the Superior Draw 2721 of April 8, 2022 / YouTube screenshot: National Lottery

It should be mentioned, the winning numbers of the Superior Draw 2721 they were announced via a live stream on the National Lottery’s YouTube channel.

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