Looks seen on the red carpet not to be copied | Maya Rudolph dressed up like in a bad 50s movie | Billie Eilish who just wants to hide

Looks seen on the red carpet (not to be copied): Maya Rudolph dressed as in a bad 50s movie, Billie Eilish who just wants to hide, Poppy Delevingne a whole porthole and Eva Von Bahr out of a fresco (On Saturday 9 April 2022)
The delivery of the statuettes by the Academy Awards reserves infinite surprises, but not always of elegance. Because the shadow of the “studio tailoring” looms. Which, instead of recovering vintage garments, copies them badly. Banana peel 2022 by Giusi Ferré see the photos

Maya Rudolph – Nostalgic Just when you think that the liseuses have become extinct, here comes one worn by the actress (49 years). Moreover, from the unlikely color, such as in a ugly movie years ’50. …Read about iodonna

twitterPochiperpe : @chat_paresseux I seen for Jude … and now I will see this for Jude and Mads xD (but when it comes out on the internet only hehe) … – ClioMakeUp : The ugliest dresses seen on the red carpets: the unforgettable ones? – Maynagioia_ : @Desiderya_ like putting it instead of don’t look up right? (I haven’t seen all the others) –

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